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German as if Post-panki with the extremely chaotic stylistic directivity. Here and cow-pank, here and ska pell-mell folkom, here and even elements of Polish woman are located. But this very surface impression, since is already painfully mobile AUTOZYNIK in the familiarization, it would seem, the in no way characteristic of panku musical horizons enumerated above. But if we look something similar on domestic susekam, then here it is possible to be released into the long experimentations with the "nashenskimi" (and not very) commands and by mixing the creation of the afore-mentioned to attain a certain similarity. For example, let us take for the beginning the pank- component OF NEURO DOWEL, then let us toss up people merriment from ZDOB SI ZDUB of dash VV, we warm up on the slow fire OF KING and CHUTE all this and we will obtain the more- less clear quintessence of creation AUTOZYNIK. To eat podano. Now you, probably understood, why to this moment about this command you heard!
nothing - rarely when associations such specific in their essence break through with their music for the cordon, those more into Belarus'. How I understood from these all "nishcht", "dydyshcht" and "nigidyshcht" (German they were not trained, zvinyayte), "Bing" - this assembling the best songs of the association during the period from 1996 through 2000, moreover sometimes with live- versions. Impression from the creation of group is the most ambiguous, but one can be said accurately: everything briskly, is almost not aggressive and is permanently energetic. And with very diverse vokalom, which first gets down to the wheeze Of tillya Of lidel'manna from RAMMSTEIN, then it takes off to the being yielded to no classification cries and the howls A -l4 Gell Biafra from DEAD KENNEDY'S. Rich, but somewhat vanguard and cutting the delicate rumor arrangements, "weighed out" to the the classical three-chordhowl gitarnyy riff, separate the narrow framework of panka, thus as if raisin!
g in the memory the also occurred experiences in the more distinguishe
d representatives of this music (let us recall experimentations CLASH). With the stretch this can be even named "intellectual pankom" (let you not frighten the apparent absurdity of this term - it occurs and such), in that quality, in which noncommercial music generally is received.
Altogether: according to the five-point scale I place "four". Moreover not entirely for the quality of that played (it and so at the height), etc., but for very fact of existence of similar extravagant pankov. In the epoch of the transformation of this panka itself into the theatrical farce.
P.S. I note also the strange love of musicians for the pigs and the cows, whose with "statements" album is amorous filled. A similar unity with the brothers by our smaller greatly gladdens and warms.
P.P.S. A in OFFSPRING left new masterpiece... by about-e- it... what we all steep and remarkable... ponavypuskali here... and generally - AUTOZYNIK is more interesting!..

D. burbut

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